Fear Not in 2016!

Happy New Year, 2016!  So long, 2015!

For some, 2015 was a great year.  Still others may be thankful to see 2015 behind them.

Regardless of whether you consider the past year a success, a failure or somewhere in between, you must admit that we live in a fascinating time.

While perusing articles summarizing the year’s biggest news stories, I noticed two common themes that dominated the news.  The most noteworthy items were: terrorism and social unrest.

Terrorist attacks were numerous.  San Bernardino.  Chattanooga.  Charleston.  Roseburg.  Paris – TWICE.  There were others, but these come to mind.

Social unrest was evident in the U.S., as witnessed by the growing division along demographic and racial lines.  Law enforcement came under fire at unprecedented levels.  Distrust of authority seems to grow every day.  Politics feels as if we are experiencing all-time lows.

All of these things leave us tempted to BE AFRAID!  Watch an hour of news coverage and you may be tempted to find a hole and climb in.  Consider some of the events that occurred in 2015 and you may be tempted to avoid that large sporting event or concert.  You may be tempted to cancel that vacation abroad.

Let me challenge you to do this in 2016: FEAR NOT!  If we give in to that temptation and allow fear to drive us, then we LOSE.  We stand to lose those experiences that make life rewarding.  We lose the opportunity to develop new friendships.  We lose the chance to see beautiful things.  Our happiness is jeopardized.  Don’t allow that to happen!

If, like me, you are guided by Christian principles then you are probably aware that two of the most common phrases found throughout the Bible are “be not afraid” and “fear not.”  One of America’s greatest presidents – while leading us out of the depths of financial ruin – told us that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Living boldly, with all hope and without fear, is our path to victory over a world increasingly filled with darkness, hate and distrust.  FEAR NOT in 2016!  Great things are ahead!

And remember…JUST GOOD DAYS!

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